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Enhance the pleasure of sex with our fantastic range of lube and oils, designed to increase your comfort, stimulation and pleasure.

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They reduce friction, making repeated penetration less likely to cause microscopic damage, or even tearing, of the vaginal or anal canal.Thankfully, there is a way to ensure smooth operating: By applying condom-compatible lubricant generously to the outside of the condom, sex with condoms becomes much better (and much safer).

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Avoid using latex with any oil, oil-based lube, or petroleum products.It is safe for vaginal, rectal, and oral use and is even harmless if swallowed.

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Commonsense Organics, Ecodeals, Oh Natural, Healthpost and more.Liquid Silk a luxury, non tacky, water based personal lubricant. Buy online.Its thick and smooth texture takes your anal experiences from good to mind-blowing.

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Once surreptitiously stashed in bedside-table drawers, only to be brought out during those drier-than- Chardonnay sex sessions, lube is emerging from the shadows and taking center stage.

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Personal lubricants (colloquially termed lube) are specialized lubricants used during human sexual acts such as intercourse and masturbation to reduce friction to or between the penis and vagina, anus or other body parts or applied to sex toys to reduce friction or to ease penetration.

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ID Lubricants has been one of the leading manufacturers of personal lubricants over the last two decades and will continue this trend in the years to come.

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I love my woman and want to find some good lube to make some sweet sweet love to her.

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The best lube, according to sex therapists, sex educators, and sex workers, including the best lube for couples, the best lube for shower, silicone-based lubes, water-based lubes, and natural and.

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I dont want to go to spensors and buy that bananna flavored crap I just want regular lube for myself.

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Oil-based lubes are no longer recommended as a form of lubrication for safer sex.

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Introduction of sex lubricant oil and jel: Sex lubricant jel is called sexual lubricant, or sex lubricant gel, or sex lube.

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But picking a lube is like picking a fine wine—there are so many options, ripe for pairing with the perfect.

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Avoid oil-based lube as it will weaken condoms and cause breakage.

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The Butters is a creamy, rich, oil-based lube that is an absolute must-buy for anal play.

Jill Richardson July 21, 2014 4:00AM (UTC) This article originally appeared on.PROBE Personal Lubricant is recommended by many doctors and is in use by State Health Departments, Planned Parenthood Clinics, and Universities across the country.

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A little lube can go a long way toward enhancing your sex life.Lifestyle Lube Recommendations for Your Next Cannabis-Fueled Sex Sesh Lifestyle Sex and Cannabis Supplies to Buy in 2017 Lifestyle Making Sex More Sensual with Cannabis dogger1.YAY! I feel like I've read just about everything that can be read on the topic, but I'm still left a bit bewildered on the lube question, where there's lots of "there's no such thing as too much lube," but not a lot of clear direction on where it's actually supposed to GO.

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We have a vast selection of options from edible massage oils, water and silicone-based options to numbing anal lubes for those who are looking to prevent discomfort.Sex lubricants are known to smooth out the painful frictions and provide buttery sexual experience.Maximus MAXIMUS is a water based lubricant with a high glycol content.Best Lubricant for sex is Pjur, Aquaglide, Jo, Moods Generally people use saliva, Vaseline or body lotion as sex lubricant to ease the process but.