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Babylon 5 - Season 1: The series charts five years in the lives of those aboard the titular 5-mile-long space station, where personal drama plays out against a tense political backdrop of looming war between bitter enemies the Centauri and the Narn.In the fourth season of the acclaimed space opera Babylon 5, the station continues to serve as a refuge for heroes, thieves, and rare and exotic beings in a time of uneasy peace and the constant threat of war.Episode Recap Babylon 5 on Watch Babylon 5 episodes, get episode information, recaps and more.

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The series charts five years in the lives of those aboard the titular 5-mile-long space station,.It lists both the most crucial episodes for plot progression, and the most beloved one-offs.Built by the Earth Alliance in the 2250s, its goal is to maintain peace among the various alien races by providing a sanctuary where grievances and negotiations can be worked out among duly appointed ambassadors.

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Babylon 5 is where humans and aliens try to work out their differences peacefully, in neutral territory full of mystery, suspense, and adventure.

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In the mid 23rd Century, the Earth Alliance space station Babylon 5, located in neutral territory, is a major focal point for political intrigue, racial tensions and various wars over the course of five years.The story took place in the year 2258 after the Earth-Minbari War.

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The series consists of a five-year story arc taking place over five seasons of 22 episodes each.

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I already have the Babylon 5 Collection, which includes the entire series (as well as the spin-off series Crusade), and the movies (except for the Legend of the Rangers and The Lost Tales).

Babylon 5 - Season 1 is a 1994 United States films directed by J.The Emmy-winning Babylon 5 brought many exciting innovations to science fiction television.The case for Season 3 had been crushed at the top basically shattering the top side of the case.Babylon 5 season 3 episode guide on Watch all 22 Babylon 5 episodes from season 3,view pictures, get episode information and more.

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In the second season of this intense sci-fi saga, the Earth Alliance has placed a massive space station, Babylon 5, into orbit around a planet in a neutral corner of a distant galaxy.

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Babylon 5 is an American science fiction television series created, produced and largely written by J.Although I am more of a Star Trek man myself I highly recommend Babylon 5 to anyone.The great thing about Babylon 5 is that is has a story arc that encompasses the entire series, unlike Star Trek TOS and TNG.

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April 18, 2018 The fourth season of Babylon 5 aims for competence and consistency more than any of the other seasons, and it relies on getting the symbolism of the massive events of the season right to have any power, and dammit, those things do have power.

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In 2262, longstanding conflicts between telepaths and normal humans lead to a major clash on the space station.

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The overall title of the first season was Signs and Portents.